“When Lara told me about her personal presence coaching I was immediately interested.  I enjoy presenting and training but always wanted to develop these skills further. Lara provides you with the perfect package. She understood how I wanted to connect emotionally as well as factually with my audience and helped me shape and build the presentation ‘story’. She also provided fantastic feedback on how to deliver it effectively. 
On top of that she can help you with your image through her Colour & Style consultancy.  When you step on that stage you are filled with confidence and can really enjoy the experience. The feedback I received was amazing and I will definitely continue to use Lara to develop these important skills.”


Sammy Ryan, Owner, Strictly Organised Ltd


“I was asked to speak at a seminar regarding business growth. It was the first time I had been asked to present to a large group and I was a little intimidated by the idea! Lara gave me the confidence and assurance to enable me to forget my fears and concentrate on the content. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar as a result of Lara's guidance, and I can't wait to share more employment law with even larger groups in the future.”


Alana Penkethman, Legal Executive, Parker Bullen LLP

“Lara re-energised me and made me look at things in a different way. She gave me the skills to overcome my fear and I now feel less anxious in circumstances where I need to speak. I feel more in control of my role and more confident.
Lara was brilliant and absolutely met my needs. I would strongly recommend Lara to help a person advance their performance in their role, particularly if, like me, they have been in the role for some time.”


Anonymous, Andover