Public Speaking

Public Speaking Tuition

Overcome fear, engage with your audience, be memorable

Do you feel nervous when having to speak in public? You are not alone if you do. For a few, the thought of public speaking isn’t too bad, but many would like to improve their presentation skills or need help to create engaging content to inspire their audience.

With a LAMDA background in speech & drama, and a successful career in sales and business development I can help you:

  • overcome the fear of public speaking

  • develop your presentation skills

  • build rapport with your audience

  • deliver engaging messages with confidence and clarity.

This will help you to inspire, influence and leave a positive and memorable impact on your audience.

My approach is to listen and to help you identify your issues; what is it that is causing your fear, what is holding you back or what areas would you like to improve? I then work with you to overcome any barriers and teach you techniques to make you feel in control, speak confidently and effectively and deliver presentations in your own style with maximum impact.

But it’s not just how you speak or present that matters. It’s also what you say. To engage with your audience, you must be authentic. Your audience must see and believe in your passion. I help you to uncover your passion, develop your story and deliver messages which will create an engaging, interesting and powerful presentation.

Who I help:

Whether you want to develop presentation skills, overcome fear or prepare for a special public speaking event, I can help.

  • Professionals who may be comfortable speaking but who want a fresh approach to presenting to help them maintain their appeal, or want help in creating engaging content for a particular public speaking occasion.
  • Any professionals new to public speaking who want to overcome fear, present confidently and deliver a memorable presentation.
  • Leaders & corporate employees whose professional development has identified the need to work on presentation or public speaking skills
  • Individuals who may be giving a special occasion speech, such as at a wedding, birthday or anniversary, but have never spoken in public before or who are nervous.

I offer a no-obligation 20-minute free discovery call. This gives us a chance to discuss the areas you want to focus on. You’ll get to know me and at the end of the telephone session we will both know if I am the right person to help you.

To book a free 20-minute call, please contact me.