3 shades of lipstick in your Seasons colours is ALL you need to add instant impact oto your outfit. 

Quick Guide:

Autumn Rust 5, Corals 709, Warm Reds 12 or 606

Spring   Bright Coral 174, Pinks 30 or 22 and Warm Red 606 or Bright Red 55

Summer Plum Pinks 35, Rose Pinks, 719, 495, Reds 28, 302(matte) Burgandy Reds 671, 50, 718

Winter Bright Pinks 54, Cool Red 27, 28, Bright 55, Burgandy Red 673, 512, 50

NB Other Colours are available, ask for advice.






    Paraben Free / Mineral Base

    • Richly pigmented luscious colors in warm and cool shades 

    • Natural mineral ingredients include iron oxides, mica and titanium dioxide 

    • Phenoxyethanol is used in place of paraben preservatives 

    • Vitamin E adds moisture and works as an antioxidant 

    • Aids in regenerating and restructuring damaged and stressed lip tissue with Grapeseed Oil 

    • Loss of moisture is slowed down by the use of Jojoba Oil 

    • Shea butter rich in vitamin A, E and F revitalize, soften and maintain moisture and balance on the lips 

    • Avocado Oil rich in vitamin A, Lecithin, Potassium, and Chlorophyll promote elasticity and suppleness 

    • Lead free formulation 


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