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Updated: Jun 21

When I had Seasonal Colour Analysis I discovered I was a Winter. This means I have a BLUE based skin tone and naturally suit the cool, blue based colours that are BOLD, VIBRANT, DEEP and ICY.

Winter is the ONLY season that has black in it. Black, navy, charcoal grey & stone form the neutrals of my palette because all the other Winter colours will go with them. I wear a lot of trousers and coloured jeans and as I explore my capsule wardrobe you will see that I have added pine green to this collection of jeans.

When I had my Style day I discovered I had a lot of Classic in me. This was nothing new to me; the biggest revelation was stripping back to rediscover who I really was and embracing more feminine touches to my look. Looking back I had clearly lost my way over recent years. As a teenager and into my 20's I always shopped in Laura Ashley and loved the small scale floral prints. As the stresses of life took hold and a need to stand up for myself I can see I adopted a harsher look, straighter lines, more pointed details, not much softness and sparkle.

Jeans need to be comfy for me, there needs to be plenty of 'give' in the bum and I like them to sit on my waist.I suit a straight leg. I have always bought middle market, I like quality but I also like good value. My favourite jeans are a charcoal grey pair from Hobbs ( bought significantly reduced at the Swindon Outlet) and a gem of a find in Jigsaw Newbury 6 months after I had my colours done. They are pine green, have a great fit around the bum, sit nicely on my wist and they accommodate my very long legs! They were reduced from £130 to £30. I take great care when I wash them ( at a 30 setting) and nearly 4 years on they are still looking good. Bargains like that are easy to find after you have had your Colour & Style done as you know exactly what to look for and a good consultant should provide you with a list of shops suitable for you. These jeans were in the summer sale, clearly left over from the previous season. Pine green wasn't in fashion hence the significant reduction. I'm not interested in fashion and trend, knowing my best colours and understanding what suits me is the key when shopping now and this pair of jeans have been a superb investment in my capsule wardrobe and I have worn them for Colour Classes, to networking events as well as in a casual setting.

I have a pair of black, red & emerald green jeans bought from the Ralph Lauren shop at the Swindon outlet about 7 years ago. They come out when I'm feeling a bit plumper! I'm sure many of you can relate to your body shape changing, especially at certain times of the month! These haven't been out much as they are not as comfy as my newer purchases.

I discovered Captain Tortue jeans a few years ago and have stocked this brand on my rail in the studio. They are very stretchy and very comfy around the bum. For me, their Trend range suits my classic body shape much better than the Miss & Little Miss. Well worth a look , please get in touch if you would like to connect with a Captain Tortue Consultant.

It sounds like I have a lot of jeans, yet if you asked me I would say I wasn't a jeans person really. As my lifestyle has changed and I spend more time at home, my more formal clothes are not suitable so my look is adapting according to my lifestyle. This is something that is crucial to a successful capsule wardrobe. The clothes in it must relate to what you do. I always encourage clients to consider the phrase 'where you spend the time, is where you should spend the money'. If you only go to the gym once a week, you don't need 4 sets of gym kit. If you no longer work in an environment all suited and booted then the need to purchase formal work dresses is no longer there. Investing in separates, a mixture of skirts/trousers and then tops/jumpers would provide greater flexibility for wear and be better suited to this change in circumstance. However, don't loose sight of who you are! The classic in me still always wants to look very smart and quite often you will see a little boiled wool jacket rather than a jumper over jeans to reflect this.

Whatever brand of jeans you prefer after colour analysis I would urge you in invest in other colours from your Seasonal Colour palette. If you have a warm skin tone, no black or dark navy please! Autumn's look out for chocolate brown or teal. Spring's, a tan pair of jeans is a great investment for you, or the camel / stone. Put this with brown/tan boots or shoes rather than black. If you are a Summer then enjoy all the blue denim (if jeans are your thing!)you look good in those washed out cool shades.


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