Did I miss an opportunity?

How many times have you come away from a talk, presentation even a new client meeting with that feeling of I didn't say this and I didn't do that? 

I'm sure we all have if we are honest. Reflection after every lesson was something installed in me at teaching training college many years ago and it's an integral part of my life.

Evaluation of what went well and how I would do it differently next time is healthy. It enables you to move forward, to revise, to tweak and modify. It gives you confidence. Yes, confidence!

Confidence because it's not all about dwelling on what could you do better, it's also about acknowledging what went well, appreciating the value you have given to others.

Yesterday I delivered an interactive presentation on 'How to make The Right First Impression' to a mixed group at Woodborough Entrepreneurs, Wiltshire. It centred around networking and how we can overcome our barriers to be the best advert for our business. As soon as the meeting was over I had already reflected. Yes I had received great feedback; it's always a great feeling when someone says you have been 'inspiring' but yet again I realised that perhaps I had missed an opportunity. I might have promoted myself and my brand personally and enhanced my reputation but had I shared it with the world on social media ? - NO !

It may come naturally to me to speak in front of a crowd but to take photos and promote myself online is still very much alien to me.

So which is better -  a digital footpath of pictures to show where I have been and what I am up to or personal endorsements, words of recommendation ?  

I suspect most will say a combination. What works best for you?


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