Day 2 Capsule Wardrobe Experiment

Updated: Jun 21

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Off to meet mum and dad in Lymington today so I need to be practical for a chilly walk, comfy in the car and warm - I hate feeling cold!

Boring black jeans and black polo neck ( I try to avoid black because even as a Winter with black in my palette, I know that as I get older it washes me out and makes me look paler than other colours) but I wanted to wear my black Dubarry boots and they look best when worn with black jeans or dark denim jeans. So I've just popped on one of my faithful Kettlewell Colours Merino Crossover jumpers. It's a jumper shape that is fitted and I need that, I also have a short waist and the swish effect to the side is great when you are carrying a bit 'extra' in that area! Not the best photo, it's a forced smile, I was reliant upon hubby taking the photo but you can see what I mean about the blue lifting my face from the black. The only make up I am wearing is lipstick, Colour Cosmetics 673 ( available in my web shop)and the silver jewellery.

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