Day 1 - January 1st 2020

It occurred to me ( whilst in the shower - I seem to always have my best ideas in the shower!) a couple of days ago that here I was 4 years on since I received the best Christmas present in the world; a present that changed my life for the better. It was, of course, a gift for life, the gift of Colour Analysis. It wasn't just a Colour Analysis voucher, far from it, it was a gift of confidence, a gift that gave me bak my mojo, a gift that I discovered I could share with others to enhance their lives.

Back to the shower and the idea .... on my Colour & Style days I talk about building a capsule wardrobe, a wardrobe where every item fits and suits you, a wardrobe where all the colours harmonise with each other and naturally enhance your natural skin tone to ensure your eyes always shine bright, your skin looks radiant and you look the best you can. This capsule wardrobe can often take a few years to create as you replace existing items with those in the right colours & style for your body shape and personality.

Nearly 4 years on from my Colour & Style experience I realise that I really don't need any more clothes. I have consciously built up capsule wardrobe essentials and feel confident that I can mix & match to create outfits for any occasion. With this in my mind I decided it was time to prove it, prove it and show to others, not only as a source of inspiration but as evidence that discovering your Colour Season and understanding your body shape and personality you really can enhance your confidence, look younger, save you time and money when shopping and create new, ethically sound shopping habits.

The idea in the shower has now become a reality and from today for a whole year I am going to utilise all of my wardrobe and invite you to share this experience with me. I intend not to buy anything new from a shop or on line during 2020. The only exceptions would be new underwear ( if needed) and my 2 outfits each Season from Kettlewell Colours that I wear as my 'uniform' when doing Colour & Style days. If I find I do need something then I intend to source it from a charity shop, pre loved site

or Ebay.

If you prefer the visuals and shorter text, you can follow me on Instagram at @itsuitsme ...(and I know it!)

Day 1 - A very casual day around the house.

Jeans, at least 4 years old from Laura Ashley, note the Ingenue detail ( I will explain what Ingenue means as the year unfolds) Belt from Kettlewell Colours . White top from Crew, at least 4 years old. My only make up is a 671 lipstick from Colour Cosmetics ( which I stock in my online shop).

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