Believe To Achieve


The Unlock Your Hidden Confidence podcast will inspire you to connect with your true passion and help you adopt a Believe To Achieve midset.

Each week I ask my guests what Unlock Your Hidden Confidence means to them.  Together they share motivating, transformational stories that will inspire you to unlock your hidden potential, gain clarity and take inspired action.

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Unlock Your Hidden Confidence : Premiere

***** First Podcast

Love listening to your words of wisdom and how it feels like you are talking individually to "me"!


001 My Why With Lara Lauder

***** Confidence Is Key!

Lara is a wonderful storyteller who instantly catches and holds your undivided attention.  This podcast is the much-needed key to unlocking hidden confidence in so many areas.  It's definitely time to adopt Lara's recommended unwavering 'Believe To Achieve' approach to 'Unlock Your Hidden Confidence.'

Amy Rowl

002 Education Matters with Dorothy Dix

***** What a Wonderful Listen!

I am inspired every day by Lara and this podcast shows why Lara has an 'I can' attitude that is infectious to everyone that she meets. I can't wait to hear more.


003 Ask For Help with Nick Forgham

*****What an Inspiring Podcast!

Just listened to the episode with Nick and absolutely loved it. I was hooked all the way through. Incredible!


004 Who Are You? with Philippa Bennett

I really enjoyed listening to you Philippa and hearing how by transforming your own life through changing your mindset about yourself and how you should fit in, and working on what was going on within you so you could set yourself free from the restriction of others, you found your community and now they understand that you resonate with them and can help them to stop hiding from what is really important to them, they too can find they own freedom in what they do and build on their confidence. Thank you both for a great informative and inspiring podcast.


005 Keep Being Curious with Lynne Pomeroy

Lynne has truly been an inspiration throughout. Listening to the podcast itself I was curious ~ it was like listening to my own story up and to the point where Lynne had her daughter. My own curiosity has been heightened over the last couple of years. I have read and done more research than I’ve ever done. It has given me back myself and the ability to make my own formed choices and stand in my own power. It was so refreshing to hear confirmation from Lynne who since knowing her has been the arse kick with a hug that at times I’ve very much needed. If you need someone to to help you shift I highly recommend Lynne.

Donna Broomham

006 Draw A Line in The Sand with Heather Garbutt


This was a brilliantly inspiring podcast. Heather is so open and Lara just asked all the right questions! A very well spent 40 mins listening to these very interesting ladies.

Kate Talbot

007 Unleash The Real You with Femi Akinyemi


Absolutely great Podcast Lara and Femi- what an amazing and emotional story! I was really interested to hear your experiences of two cultures in your move from the Uk and your growing insight into Freedom being your key confidence unlocker.

Lara's Learnings - June


Lara has a voice that makes listening enjoyable. She reminds me of Vanessa Feltz voice - who I love. Professional and Fun.

Julie VIP Eyewear

008 Why Not? with Karen Brown


Whew! I resonated with this so much!

Comment from Master Self Publishing Facebook Group

009 Deaf Not Daft with Ruth Fogg


Such a great conversation!



010 Get Over Indulgence with Duncan Bhaskaran Brown


Each week Lara does what she does best, showcase others.



011 Realise Your Potential with Alex Williams


Lovely free flowing conversation with some great tips on how to unlock more of your confidence.

Sylvia Baldock


012 What's Your Story with Rachel Maunder


My mojo has taken a bit of a battering recently. Drove to Swansea listening to Lara and was inspired to unlock my hidden confidence again! Thank you for your inspiration.



Lara's Learnings Review of the Month - July


Just listened to latest episode “Lara’s learnings”. This is a wonderful recap of all the previous month’s podcasts. And yet more self revealing stories about life in Lara’s household. I am intrigued by the story of the forthcoming house build on the site of the old chicken run. Can’t wait for more episodes.

013 Courage Is Confidence with Tasneem Ali



014 Adore Your Outdoors with Sonya Dibbin



015 Emotional Freedom Technique Explained with Emma Johnson

016 Is Confidence Intuitive? with Lana Morris







Lara's Learnings Review of The Month September


I've know Lara for 21 years and this is the real her. It's like sitting down for a cup of tea in her kitchen and talking about what's really important in life. Self confidence is definitely up there. Now go forth, be fabulous and listen, you won't regret it.