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Personal Presence & Impact

Maximise confidence, communication and influence

Have you ever met someone who lights up a room? They may not be the most outspoken person in the room, but they have ‘something’ about them that makes people warm to them, talk to them and remember them. That ‘something’ is their personal presence, their charisma or as I like to call it, their ‘sparkle’. 

These people are confident and above all, comfortable in the situation and their own skin. They communicate clearly, use appropriate body language and carry themselves assuredly, and look great in their clothes and style. With their sparkle, they find it easy to make business relationships and to influence others.

Developing your own personal presence and understanding your own sparkle will enable you to make a great first impression. You can stand out from the crowd, for the RIGHT reasons and have the influence you want. These skills can be learnt.

That’s where I can help. Whether you feel uncomfortable at social or business networking events, you want to prepare for job interviews or you want to increase your chances of promotion at work; learning my simple tools and techniques will make you more confident. I help you to shine ensuring your customers or other people remember you for the right reasons.

With a career in teaching and training spanning over 25years together with an excellent track record as an accomplisehed Colour Analyst & Personal Stylist,  I combine my experience and skills to make sure you communicate well and are authentic Not only will you look good but you will feel comfortable and confident too. Your new skills, techniques, and sparkle will last your lifetime.

Who I help:

  • Corporate businesses who wish to develop their staff and leadership team to make them more effective in their roles and to equip them with skills to enable promotion and increased sales.

  • Established or new solopreneurs whose businesses need a push to make them more effective. People buy from people. You are your business and you need to present yourself in the best possible way to engage with and influence your customers to get more sales.

I offer a no-obligation 20-minute free discovery call. This gives us a chance to discuss the areas you want to focus on. You’ll get to know me and at the end of the telephone session we will both know if I am the right person to help you.

To book a free 20-minute call, please contact me.