Woman in business looking to do more business online in 2020?

January 8, 2020 | 

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Is 2020 the year you eventually get to grips with your ‘how to sell online?’

As an entrepreneurial woman, you probably were seeking both time and financial freedom, but very quickly realised you were going broke and never seeing your family!

Women in business really struggle to balance-it-all to have-it-all and that’s where running an online business successfully can really help you manage your business alongside a busy lifestyle and keep your overheads low.

I am no techi, but because employing one to do everything techi in my business was so expensive over the years I have developed more and more skills connected with developing and updating my website.

In my first three years of starting up my business I probably spent around £100k on my website and employing staff to develop it and my social media – that’s beyond crazy!

Which is why every I AM WOMAN Member has access to having a Free WordPress website and hosting of £20.00 a month to enable our members to learn as they grow their website with online support at hand. I’ve even set-up this magazine with the help of my host company and it hasn’t cost me a penny. OK at the start it won’t be perfect but day by day I will get better, it will get easier and I will learn lots and lots of new techniques that will help me and my business grow.

Interested in up-scaling your online activities?
Eager to step-up your online income by £220k in 2020?
Time to integrate your online activities to start making some serious money?

Do take a look at our 2020 challenge it might be just what you have been looking for: https://www.laralauder.com/i-am-woman-2020-challenge-starting-22-1-2020/