I AM WOMAN helps women in business increase their income by £220k in 2020

Are you looking at 2020 with fresh eyes or are you thinking same-ol-same-ol?

Is it time you started thinking outside your box regarding what your business is capable of doing and then you step into it?

That’s what we are doing with our I AM WOMAN 2020 Challenge.

We start by taking a long hard look at what our business could do if it were to generate an uplift in sales of £220k and then looking at how by building the ‘right’ technology infrastructure we can do it.

The whole process is driving us hard to review, update, stream line and learn lots about how to sell more of what we do online.

If it’s broke we fix it!

What’s so exciting is that we are all learning together and learning lots from one another.

The whole programme runs for three hours a week for eight weeks.

It’s our aim in I AM WOMAN to open this opportunity up to 20 women in 2020 and to measure the results.

If you’ve missed this programme, why not join us for the next?

Just email me info@iamwoman.biz

let’s make 2020 a year to remember!