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How Music Can Unlock Your Hidden Confidence

Appearances can be deceiving

To have observed Philippa 12 months ago, you’d have thought there was nothing extraordinary about her.  I first met Philippa when she had decided to take her part-time well-being business to full-time after being made redundant from her corporate job a few months earlier. To all intents and purposes it looked as if she was doing everything right. However, under that neat and tidy exterior, there lurked the real Philippa just longing to burst forth and nobody knew!

Philippa who appears as the neat and tidy holistic therapist had an underlying secret image of a metal head.

What you wear gives clues to who you are, your values, your way of life. The power of the first impression should never be underestimated. This is why I believe it is vital to dress to reflect not only your body structure but also your personality and the life you lead.

In Philippa's case, there was a total incongruence between her outward image as a holistic practitioner and her inner metal head wanting to life coach other metal heads.

I hear from clients time and time again about how they feel 'lost', 'unconfident', 'unproductive', 'not fulfilling their potential' and each time I reconnect them to their true self and BOOOOOM, they start to flourish, love life, confidence exudes from them like lava from a volcano!

Philippa began to flourish the moment she embraced her inner metal head!



What being 'true to yourself' really means

As a homeopath and nutritional therapist, Philippa thought that there was a certain way in which she needed to present herself to the world. Even more so because she was working with prodominately women over 40.

"After the pandemic hit, and everyone took their businesses online, it seemed natural to go with the status quo and try to fit to the market" says Philippa.  She was known as The Well Being Gardener and she tried to fit into a niche market where there was a demand for her services. Clients were very happy but Philippa wasn't.

The brand she was building went 100% against her true self - music-mad, Metalhead.  The oppression into an uncomfortable box was unfortunately reflected in her business and ultimately she was just not attracting the number of clients she needed to pay the bills, let alone command her market and reach the heights of success she desired.

After nearly 11 months of struggling and essentially failing, through a series of serendipitous events, she embarked upon the Aspire For Greatness Programme which is endorsed by The Institute of Leadership and Management at a Level 5.

Aspire is a business, mentoring and strategy program, which completely turned her business around, whilst at the same time nourishing her passion and love of Heavy Metal music. It is demanding course that requires the participants to dig deep on a personal level and at a business level. Philippa gained pure clarity, pure authenticity, crystal clear direction of how to take themselves and their brand forward with a concise, actionable business plan with quality mentoring & accountability. As a result of truly connecting to her true self, her passion for heavy metal music The Mindfulness Moshpit was born.

The Power of an Authentic Personal Brand

A credible, authentic brand brings you instant connection with your audience. Many business owners often say their service of product is suitable for everyone; it may well be. However, the saying 'people buy from people' is so true and it's the connection, the relationship, your personality, your way of doing business, your brand that will ultimately determine if someone choose to work with you.

Don't be afraid to niche! Philippa now serves her community, the metal head community. Of course the coaching she offers and courses she runs would benefit others but the deep trust, deep connection where expentiational VALUE received will be the greatest from those who really resonate with her authentic brand.

Philippa's story is featured on Episode 004 of my podcast Unlock Your hidden Confidence.

This episode is definitely not just for Metalheads! Far from it! Tune in to find out how Philippa went from struggling, well-being coach and therapist, to thriving life coach helping Metalheads to channel their inner rock-god so they can be confident when it counts.

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  1. I really enjoyed listening to you Philippa and hearing how by transforming your own life through changing your mindset about yourself and how you should fit in, and working on what was going on within you so you could set yourself free from the restriction of others, you found your community and now they understand that you resonate with them and can help them to stop hiding from what is really important to them, they too can find they own freedom in what they do and build on their confidence. Thank you both for a great informative and inspiring podcast.

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