In life and work I have dealt with so much shit thrown at me, put-downs and knock backs it’s untrue. The key thing I have learnt is to DUCK, IF IT HITS YOU – GET BACK UP QUICK BECAUSE THERE IS SURE TO BE SOMETHING ELSE ON IT’S WAY!
I can remember for years I worked with one of the best women on this planet Melanie Squire on a self development programme for women – Purple Hat I can remember TALKING ABOUT SHIT! Saying “if the shit is going to hit you, hose it off fast, don’t let it dry! Because it’s super difficult getting it off when it’s dried!”.
Life moves on but the shit doesn’t stop coming. People will always try and accuse you of things so that they can feel better about themselves. Your efforts will always be put under the microscope and misread, people will still dislike you and YOU HAVE TO WASH THE DIRT OF YOUR DIAMOND & SHINE!

Did you know?

  • 91% of the people you know just don’t even think or care about you?
  • 5% of those that do just wish you would fail and disappear!
  • 3% of people just don’t care either way
  • Only 1% are supportive and on your side!
In business this was an eye opener for sure!
Entrepreneurs are generally looking after themselves primarily.
Women as entrepreneurs I feel are growing a different breed of entrepreneurial behaviour and ways of doing business.
I watch so many women genuinely learning from a horrible past experience and transformation and putting that learning to help others transform their lives too!
Interested in exploring how to boost your self belief in business?
Book & join us 6pm Tuesday Feb 11th 2020 Coed y Mwyster Hotel, Coychurch. Discover how to boost your self belief, your sales skills and how to profit from stepping into the power in your journey & story.
I look forward to welcoming you x
All shit welcome and we will be sure to help you shake it off before you leave lol!
Here’s the info/booking link: https://www.laralauder.com/february-bridgend-women-in-business-i-am-woman-networking-event-6pm-11-2-2020-coed-y-mwyster-hotel-coychurch/