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Module 1 - Embracing & overcoming your fear of speaking in public

Sweaty palms, heart racing, self conscious, worried about how you look, what will others think of you when you stand to deliver your 60 second networking pitch or presentation to win new business - Is this you? If so, now is the time to overcome those fears.

This module is suitable for anyone who gets nervous when speaking to people they don't know in business. Learn simple strategies to help overcome this fear and become more confident.

Module 2 - Discover your Passion

What is your key message? your core strengths? Unlock your potential and utilise your passion to create the perfect pitch and presentation.

Module 3 - Content

Create impact and engage your audience from the moment you stand up. 

How to structure your pitch or presentation and be authentic at the same time.

Module 4 - The Delivery

Learn how to deliver your pitch / presentation with confidence and be remembered for the right reasons.

Discover what to wear and what not to wear to create that all important First Impression.

All group workshop modules are either a morning or afternoon session and available in a variety of locations at £99 per person.

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Book all 4 sessions in advance and receive a complimentary 30 minute 1-1 coaching session worth £99

Would you prefer these modules on a 1-1 basis, bespoke to your individual needs? 

4 x 1 hour package £595, time frame to suit your needs within a 3 week - 3 month time frame.

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