Aspire Business Acadamy Dragons

Patron of Aspire Business Acadamy Dragons - Rachel Bedgood

Founder of CBS, a multi-million, multi-award winning company and one of the largest pre-employment screening and DBS check providers in the UK.

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”

-Oprah Winfrey-

 “Anything you can imagine, you can create.”

-Oprah Winfrey-

“Knowing your deepest intention can be your guiding force in the creation of a better life.”

-Oprah Winfrey-

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

-Oprah Winfrey-

“You define your own life. Don’t let other people write your script.”

-Oprah Winfrey-

  • Just imagine what could be possible?

    • Just imagine a world where women were encouraged to become the very best version of themselves in business.
    • Just imagine a world where women got alongside one another, to share with one another past mistakes (yes, actively sharing the screw-ups they'd made so you don't have to!)
    • Just imaging a world where women could share their resources and invaluable contacts with one another.
    • Just imagine a world where women shared their fast-track techniques to attain the customers they needed to optimise their success.
    • Just imagine a world where you had the opportunity to realise your dreams, ambitions, gut hunches or the opportunities you've spotted in the marketplace and to be equipped with the resources you needed to make a success of your business way beyond what you had ever imagined!

  • Why have theAspire Business Acadamy Dragons been unleashed?

    • Women in business have different motivators and needs when starting and expanding in business.
    • Women struggle raising finance. Alarmingly women only accessing 1p in the £1.00 of venture capital.
    • Traditionally women have lacked the necessary skills to successfully launch, manage and succeed financially in great numbers in the global marketplace.
    • Women flourish alongside other business women, who can demonstrate what's possible.
    • With so many skills required to run a business successfully, acquiring them around a busy lifestyle can prove to be a step too far to assure profits happen before money and energy run out!

I AM WOMAN Dragons Image
  • What do I get if I successfully slay an Aspire Business Acadamy Dragon?

    • You will have an Aspire Business Acadamy Dragon who will liaise with you the part they will play towards steering you and your business success in 2020/2021.
    • You will have free Aspire Business Acadamy Graduate Membership for one year, click here to discover how this can help catapult your business success.
    • You will have free admission to all Aspire Business Acadamy monthly events, workshops, master classes and master minding groups.
    • You will automatically become a Student Member of The Institute of Leadership & Management click here for further info. Upon your successful completion of our Aspire Business Acadamy Programme you would immediately step-up to become a Full Member of The Institute of Leadership & Management, click here for further info and be able to use the institutes initials after your name and access all of the Institutes membership benefits for a period of one year less your student membership duration, click here for further info.
    • The ASPIRE programme content can be used towards any future management or leadership training you might partake in, in the future and be used towards your continuous professional development. 
    • You will have £400.00 seed funding that we can support you to use towards the future funding of your business growth plans.
    • You will be introduced to key people who can help you access the resources you need to build your business.
    • You will receive ongoing support, friendship, networking partners, inspiration and motivation from your fellow Aspire Business Acadamy Members who will be journeying themselves alongside you as they grow their businesses in 2020/2021.

  • What can women access if they successfully slay an Aspire Business Acadamy Dragon?

    • Our Aspire Business Acadamy Dragons Patron is Rachel Bedgood Founder and MD of CBS - discover more about Rachel click here. Rachel who is not only Patron of The Aspire Business Acadamy Dragons, but Rachel is also an Aspire Business Acadamy Dragon too! Rachel is interested in finding a business in 2020 that she can support via Aspire Business Acadamy but also to add her skills and expertise to mix of business development needs to.
    • Rachel is supported by two other Dragons Rayners Davies and Natasha Leigh-Bray.
    • New Dragons will be joining us on an ongoing basis, selected for their outstanding range of business success, skills, experience and their desire to make a significant difference in the business success of their chosen business.
    • We will be hosting Aspire Business Acadamy Dragon Event in early Autumn 2020, where you can pitch your business in a 15 minute presentation - further details will be announced shortly.
    • You will have the opportunity to apply via completing an online application form, which will be posted on this page August 2020. Applications will be screened and short-listed and by 1.9.2020 you will be advised if you have been successful to go onto the next stage of your application.
    • During August 2020 we will run a 'How To Pitch & Slay Your Dragon' event. You will be introduced to our Dragons and discover what skills, expertise and presentation you will need to present if you are to be Aspire Business Acadamy Dragon ready and be successful in your pursuit of your Aspire Business Acadamy Dragon.
    • Following your pitch in September 2020, you will be advised and contacted by your Aspire Business Acadamy Dragon to agree how you will move forward working together building your business together in 2020.  
    • The Aspire Business AcadamyProgramme that you would attend commences September, equipping you with a robust business plan and operating system to help you get up and doing business quickly and efficiently with the support of your Dragon and your fellow Aspire Business Acadamy Members.


Women only access 1p in the £1.00 of venture capital funding


Even when women are part of a mixed team the team only attracts 10p in the £1.00 of venture capital funding.

  • How can I become an Aspire Business Acadamy Dragon?

    • You will to have needed to have achieved and demonstrated significant and sustainable business success and growth.
    • You will have an overwhelming passion to help a woman start or expand their business during 2020 and have the freedom to impart, skills, knowledge and pre-arranged and agreed time with your Aspire Business Acadamy Dragon Graduate.
    • You can invest £1,000.00 in Aspire Business Acadamy Sponsorship Funding to support the investment into your Aspire Business Acadamy Dragon Graduate.
    • You will attend an Aspire Business Acadamy Dragon pitching event to select the person who you would just love to help support and grow in 2020.
    • You will enjoy benefiting from all the good news, publicity and the case study experience of being part of this exciting initiative.

What will it take for women to be taken seriously?

According to new data from financial services giant Fidelity Investments, women are actually superior investors. Fidelity discovered that women not only save more than men, but their investments earn more annually.

“It is a double whammy,” says Alexandra Taussig, Fidelity’s senior vice president for women investors. “The myth that men are better investors is just that - a myth.”

Even more revealing about general attitudes is Fidelity’s companion “Women and Money” survey, which asked participants which gender was better at investing its money. The outcome: Barely 9 percent of people said women.

Another advantage: Women assume less risk.

The resulting gender outperformance gibes with a study by academics Terrance Odean (University of California, Berkeley) and Brad Barber (University of California, Davis), who also found that women outperform men, by roughly 1 percent a year.