There was a time, not so long ago, when due to ill health I felt I was never going to reach my true potential, that I was, in effect on the scrap heap and my working life was over.

Our experiences shape us, new doors open, we connect with different people and opportunities arise that empower us. You can choose to grab hold of an opportunity or let it slip by. I chose to grab hold, fight and pull myself up.

Helping people uncover their strengths, bring out their true potential and make positive life changes is my passion. I believe everyone can develop their personal presence and learn communication skills to make them more confident, engaging, influential and memorable.

I love to see the difference I can make to people’s lives; whether that’s helping them to stand on a speaker’s podium without shaking with fear or equipping them with lifelong skills and confidence to stand out from the crowd, influence and impress.  For others I just simply give them their life back, help them to reconnect with their true identity.

My drama, speech, teaching and business background

As a child, I excelled on the sports field and on the stage. My parents invested in speech & drama lessons for me and from the age of 4 to 18. I achieved the LAMDA speech & acting exams to Gold Medal. When I left school at 18 I got a job in a local bank on the Isle of Wight but continued my passion for drama and speaking by returning to my old school to teach private speech and drama lessons on a Saturday morning.

I got a great sense of fulfillment from helping my students to learn and seeing them develop their skills and confidence. My old headmaster recognised my enthusiasm and talent and suggested I train to be a teacher – so I did. After achieving a 2:1 BEd Hons English degree I embarked upon my teaching career.

As well as a career in teaching, I have also fulfilled my strong entrepreneurial spirit. As a trainee teacher I embarked upon the world of direct sales and sold Tupperware, being a top consultant on the Isle of Wight and Solent region. I have had a long association with Phoenix Trading while my children were growing up and built a successful downline.

Colour Analysis changed my life!

A period of ill-health made me give up my position as Assistant Headteacher. I felt I had lost myself. I was lacking in energy, always pale, felt dowdy and had lost my confidence. I came across House of Colour quite by chance on the internet one day and remembered a Consultant I had met many years before. I remembered the confidence she radiated and longed for some of that for myself. I asked my family for a Colour Analysis  gift Voucher for Christmas and quite frankly it was the best present I have ever had! It transformed my life.

After my session I felt enlightened. As I started to wear my new WOW colours, my mojo and confidence returned, why wouldn’t it - I was receiving so many compliments about the way I looked and more importantly how well I looked. The power of wearing the right colours is enormous in so many ways. Feeling the difference it had made to me, made me want to share that with others. I immediately made enquiries about training with House of Colour and for 2 years had the franchise for Marlborough, Hungerford, Andover & Devizes. I am now an Independent Consultant enabling me to see clients at their home/workplace and various locations around the country.

I get an enormous sense of satisfaction from seeing the difference colour analysis makes to people. Seeing people transform and walk out of my sessions happier and more confident is amazing. But the entrepreneur and teacher in me, knows that I could help my clients even more!

As well as making people look and feel more confident with House of Colour, I am now using my speech, drama, teaching, business and sales experience to help my clients improve their communication, poise and presence. I empower my clients. I give them the tools they need to find their confidence and their true selves – that transformation is so powerful.  It is an investment for life.

You can see what some of my clients have said about me and their transformation in my testimonials.

To find out more about how I can help you please contact me.

I offer a no-obligation 20-minute free discovery call. This gives us a chance to discuss the areas you want to focus on. You’ll get to know me and at the end of the telephone session we will both know if I am the right person to help you.

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