Who pulls your confidence plug out? – Bridgend Women in Business Event

How fascinating last night was as we explored all things confidence and self-belief and the impact it all has on how we ‘show-up’ in business. I can remember when I first had to introduce myself in a network meeting I had to go straight to the bathroom to throw-up. It was never easy, but guess what, every time I had to introduce myself it got easier. I could have said, oooo this is tooooo painful and given up, but I chose to feel the fear and do it anyway!
In business it is a constant learning process and if you listened to that inner voice fear could just be allowed to run our show. I love the acronym of FEAR – False, Evidence, Appearing, Real.
So if fear isn’t real and is only a shadow emotion, we need to just notice it’s making an entrance and shut the door on it and resume normal service of just showing up and giving it our best, always being open to new learning and insight to emerge.
I so loved hearing the insights from Hannah McAndrew who stepped into the power of her story of healing herself of acne. Since she stepped into the realization of just how powerful mastering misery is and turning it into business mastery. Hannah’s business is now gathering pace and her turnover must in such a short time doubled in turnover.
Kathy Annandale also shared how a story that lurked in her past is now at the forefront of how she sells her business to others whether they are suppliers, staff team or customers.
Self belief is the gift you give yourself. It’s an inside out thing that you are responsible for recharging all day along. All day, everyday. And if someone is out there trying to pull the plug on your efforts, you see them sooner rather than later and get that plug out of their hands, back into yours and get yourself on recharge fast!
Who do you allow to get near your plug?
Who regularly pulls on it?
How quick can you organise your recharges?
Love this analogy, hope you do too!
Happy Wednesday wishes playmates x
Author: Cheryl Bass- I AM WOMAN – Empowering Ordinary Women To Build Extraordinary Business!