Curiosity has Unlocked Lynne’s Hidden Confidence – Discover HOW in this episode.

Lynne has broken the cycle of inherited negative repeated patterns to now enjoy a healthy, meaningful mother and daughter relationship. Lynne openly talks about how she has transformed from a people pleaser to a strong woman who has looked within, taken responsibility and now inspires others to do the same.


“Discover more about yourself through CURIOSITY”


From an early age Lynne was able to feel people’s emotions and situations . She always had the ability to say the words people needed to hear, when they needed to hear it most. She thought this was something everyone could do! Fast forward a few years and someone explained that her ‘ability’ was, in fact, a gift that could be developed to help lots of people in lots of different ways.

Lynne trained and embarked upon a structured learning process that helped her fully appreciate and embrace her gift. Lynne now works globally using her skills and abilities as an Energy Reader and an Intuitive Transformation Coach, to support those who want to invest in their personal development and discover their true self.

Lynne is passionate about empowering her clients to realise their true potential so they can be the one in control of their professional and personal life and their emotions, rather than the other way around.

Lynne’s book, Arse Kicking With A Hug Message Book, priced £10 plus P&P is available to order via email at

All copies will be sent out from the UK


Visit Lynne’s You Tube Channel at



Lara is a Presence, Impact & Image  Consultant, ILM Level 5 Approved Aspire For Greatness Business Transformational Course Leader, Speaker and Co-Author of the International Bestselling book, The Law of Brand Attraction.

Lara works with business leaders and entrepreneurs to Unlock Their Hidden Confidence to ensure they have maximum Impact & Influence through a Powerful, Authentic Personal Brand, Business Skills and Knowledge.

If you would like Lara to Unlock Your Hidden Confidence through Colour & Style, presentation skills or in business through the Aspire For Greatness course please book a 20 minute  via Calendly




HOSTED BY: Lara Lauder



  1. Susana Silva

    Lynne, is wonderful. So happy having her in my life. And her book gives me everyday questions to know myself again!!!

    • I have had so many messages about Lynne, people who knew her when she lived in the UK and what a source of inspiration she is. Her book really is a gem, thank you for sharing Susana.

  2. Lynne has truly been an inspiration throughout. Listening to the podcast itself I was curious ~ it was like listening to my own story up and to the point where Lynne had her daughter. My own curiosity has been heightened over the last couple of years. I have read and done more research than I’ve ever done. It has given me back myself and the ability to make my own formed choices and stand in my own power. It was so refreshing to hear confirmation from Lynne who since knowing her has been the arse kick with a hug that at times I’ve very much needed. If you need someone to to help you shift I highly recommend Lynne.

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